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Terms & Conditions

Terms And Conditions

Transport Kajla d.o.o. (known in the contract as "Supplier", "we, us or our"). Our authorized company is at Viška 4, 21000 Split, Croatia. Make sure you read those terms & conditions cautiously prior to making any booking, as they include crucial details regarding your legal rights and duties and you will be limited by them.

Those booking conditions, in association with the data on our website, and your voucher form the complete contract among ourself and you and cover all reservations created by our website.


To place an order you have to stick to the ordering procedures on the booking page of our website. All orders need to be submitted at least 48 hours up front your arrival. We are allowed to reject any order submitted by you. We don't guarantee to successfully execute every booking request. In the case that we are not capable to execute your booking request we will send you an email to inform you of that fact. Another solution can be provided which might contain further costs. We will approve your booking request by providing a booking voucher to the email address you have provided us at ordering.

You verify that all information you provide to us when it comes to purchasing the Service will be accurate, that the credit or debit card that you use is your own and that there is enough money to cover the price of the Service. We hold the right to obtain approval of your credit or debit card prior to providing the Service. In the event that approval can not be obtained and payment is not made, we hold the right to terminate the booking.

For bookings which have been successfully created the voucher is going to be created showing your trip information and your unique voucher number. Your obligation is to verify the information of your booking on the voucher before travel and notify us if there are any issues. We simply cannot be held responsible in case the information entered at the moment of making your booking request are inaccurate. You will need to present your voucher to the driver at the begin of your trip. We hold the right to reject the transfer in case your booking voucher is not shown.

Prices and Payment

Information of the prices for the Service, and the methods of payment are available on our website. The relevant price of any Service is the price shown on our website at the date and time of your request. We try to make sure that our rates shown on our website are exact but the price on your order need to be confirmed by us as part of the approval procedure. In agreeing to these terms & conditions when the price of the Service is verified, you renounce your right to have the transfer fare calculated with a taximeter.

We will notify you if a Service accurate price is higher than that mentioned in your order and you can terminate the order and determine whether or not to purchase the Service at the accurate price. If you terminate the order, your credit or debit card won't be charged.

Changes and Cancellations by you

Change requests must be delivered by email to: kajlataxi@gmail.com. Whilst we will attempt to assist, we are not able to guarantee that every request for changes will be achieved. Changes and cancellations is going to be accepted in compliance with this terms & conditions.

In case of cancelling Service within 48 hours of the execution of the Service we are not required to return the previously paid amount.

In case of cancelling Service more than 48 hours from the date of execution of the Service, we are required to return total amount payed previously reduced by 15 euros.

Changes and Cancellations by the Supplier

We will notify you as soon as reasonably possible in the event that we have to make a significant modification to your verified Services or to cancel them. We will as well use all reasonable attempts to find alternative Services for you without additional charge.

Your Responsibilities

Your responsibility is to travel with the booking voucher that lists all details about the Service.

In case your flight is redirected, we suggest that you speak to our 24 hour helpline as quickly as possible as they could be capable to support you in getting alternative transfer plans. Please be aware that we can not be liable to pay for this kind of alternative plans.

In the event that that you don't show up at the starting point in the assigned time ("no-show" scenario), without informing us of the postpone or canceling the Service, you don't have right to a money back you have paid, and we hold the right to charge the Service from the rest of the total reserved services.

Our Responsibilities

We agree to deliver Service professionally and in compliance with the laws and regulations of Republic of Croatia. We assure that all vehicles that are used for transfers are registered and insured by Croatian laws. Price of the Service includes personal insurance .

We are no responsible for damage caused by unpredictable circumstances.

If Service had not been carried out or perhaps was carried in part by our fault, we will be required to pay the damage made by our failure to comply contracted services.

We are not required to take previously mentioned luggage. We are not responsible for the content of luggage.

If the chosen vehicle is unavailable, we have the right to transport passengers with other suitable vehicle.

If you have a complaint

In case you face a issue with your Service, please give us a call by using the numbers provided to you on your booking voucher. Failing to inform us concerned of your problem at this stage can impact our capability to inspect the matter complained of.

In case you have any kind of Service concerns after your return, regarding services booked with us, it is best to direct them to us using email at: kajlataxi@gmail.com or by the post to: Viška 4, 21000 Split, Croatia. We will certainly try to solve all Service concerns within 30 days of warning announcement.