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Privacy policy

Transport Kajla d.o.o. (hereinafter: we, us or our) allows you to use the services and content of this web site (in the text: website) under this privacy policy. By using a website, it is considered that users are always familiar with this privacy policy and that they fully understand and accept it.

An internet user accessing the website www.taxi-split.eu remains anonymous and is not registered for any online service. The User remains anonymous during his search through all the information on the website and at no time has his personal information been registered for any online service.

Data we use and collect

On our website, we use user identifiers (cookies) to collect information about the use of a web site, such as the server to which the user is connected, the browser type (eg Firefox or Internet Explorer). We use this information exclusively to help improve our marketing policies. These personal information of internet users are not included in the data collection.

When booking services we collect some personal information such as name, email address or cell phone number of the person making the reservation. By entering into a contract with us and by accepting our general terms and privacy policy, you agree to use your personal information for the purpose of performing the requested service. The details we collect are necessary to be able to contract with you. We may need to contact you regarding your carriage, send a confirmation of the reservation via SMS (if you have requested it) or send us an e-mail with a payment confirmation and a voucher for the reservation.

Your flight, train or boat number or address of accommodation are also information we need from you so that we can make a transport service. We also need to know the exact address of your starting point and destination.

With online payments, your card data is entered on secure PayPal's page and we never see or save them.

In order to process and make your reservation, we may share your information with transport operators or other third parties involved. We will only provide the necessary information to ensure the successful completion of your transport service.

We keep track of your booking history so we can provide you with better customer support. All information will be stored in our database, but at any time you may request their deletion or change.


The cookie is a small text file located in your device's browser when you visit a web site. This way, the web site recognizes your device and your preferences and gives you a better user experience. Cookies can be "session cookies" or "persistent cookies". Sessions cookies are automatically deleted when you close the device viewer; persistent cookies will remain in your browser until you delete them or your browser delete them based on the cookie exipiration time. Permanent cookies allow web pages to remember your preferences when you visit them again in order to improve your user experience.

The "First-party cookies" is set by the company whose website you are using. "Third-party cookies" cookies are set up by a company that has connection to the web site you are using. When we use this term, this means cookies placed by our partners and other business partners, including third-party service providers and advertisers.

Google Analytics cookies: To improve and optimize our website we or third-party service providers, we can use visitor data cookies to see how effective and relevant our ads are. This information may include which webpages and ads you have previously viewed to access our site, which pages you have retrieved and left, which browser you interacted with on our web site, which search criteria you are using, etc. We do not use this information to personally identify you. We also use Google Analytics, a web analytics service provided by Google, which monitors and reports traffic on the website, and helps us recognize sites that are sluggish, broken or less successful. For more information, visit: https://www.google.co.uk/analytics.

The first time you visit our website, we will ask you for consent for our cookies and tracking tools. If you choose not to accept certain technical and / or functional cookies, you will not enjoy the full use and functions of our website, and the overall experience will not be so good.

User rights

At any time, the user may apply for the deletion of his or her personal data collected through the use of our website and service or to limit the purpose of using his or her data in whole or in part.

The user has the right to get information which personal data we own or process and may submit a request for additional information.

The user has the right to request correction of the personal information we own. We may decline a correction request if the data is no longer available or there is another limit.

By continuing using our website, you acknowledge that you are familiar with the applicable policies and agree to process the information for these purposes. You can send inquiries and remarks about this privacy policy and additional information about your personal information collected from us by our privacy referent by email at: kajla.taxi@gmail.com